Getting Started with Walkli

Welcome to Walkli

We publish free, interest-based walking routes created by a global community of local experts and travel influencers all over the world. You can come to explore, create, or both. We take pride in our content, and if you choose to create a map, we encourage you to take pride in it as well. Walkli offers users a great chance to expose and showcase what they can do—and we're here to help you do do it as easily and efficiently as possible! 

How it Works: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started

We've worked hard to make walkli simple and intuitive. If you want to search walkli for ideas on how to explore a destination, just type the city name into the search bar. If you want suggestions, check out our list of cities. You can even send yourself your favorite maps and points of interest, no sign-up required!

It's also pretty easy to create content on walkli. Just complete the quick and easy signup, and your on your way to getting your first path published! Check out our step-by-step guide.
  • Click on the "Signup" tab at the top of the walkli homepage. All we need is an email address and a user name. If you have a travel blog or represent an organization, we suggest that you use it as your username on walkli.

  • Once you're signed up, login and visit the 'My Profile' tab.  Here you can a photo and a brief bio of yourself or organization.  These will show up with all content that you create on walkli so that you're credited for your effort and can build a following.
  • You can also add links back to your own homepage and social media accounts. These links will show up with each path you create so that walkli users can read more about you. 
  • When you're ready to create your first path, click "Create a Path" from within your profile. Pick the city you want to create a path for and give your path a name! 

  • Start by tracing out the path you want people to follow on foot (using actual roads and walkable areas if you can!). You can drag the lines you create to adjust them for accuracy. Use the undo and redo buttons to correct for mistakes, or hit clear if you want to start over from scratch. The panel on the left tells you how long the path is as you draw it.
  • Once you have your path laid out, it's time to add the points of interest you want your followers to see. On the left panel, click on "Add Places," then click on any point along the path to add a point of interest. The "Pin Title" field should be descriptive but brief; it could be as simple as "Great Selfie Spot," or, if it's a specific venue, as direct as "Outlook Bar & Grill." You choose whatever attractions, historical sites, shops, parks, restaurants, or bars that you want on your map.  

  • The field below the "Pin Title" line is where you can describe that point of interest. Give your readers whatever info you think will help!

  • As you build, save periodically to ensure you don't lose work should you close the window or lose power before you finish. When you come back, you'll find your draft in your profile page. Once your path is ready, hit the "Preview" button. Here you can tag different themes to help relevant travelers find you, mark the difficulty of the walk, and —importantly—write your introductory description to your map as a whole.  And that's it, hit 'Publish' and your path is available for the world to see! Note: you can always edit or update the path in the 'My Profile' tab.

  • Now you can direct your friends, family, guests, readers, and followers to your path by sending the link to them or sharing over social media. You can find the link by viewing your path and clicking on the orange "Path Overview" button. Click the "Copy link" icon on the bottom right, and you're ready to send your creation out to the world!


  • Can I create content from my mobile device?  Right now you need to use a computer to create walkli paths. We have plans to integrate mobile for content creation in the future.
  • Can I edit or remove paths after they've been published? Yes! You can see all of the paths you've created in the "My Profile" page. 
  • How much does walkli cost to use?  Walkli is free to use for both content creators and travelers! 

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